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Amonn Magazine N°11

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News and updates from the world
of passive fire protection

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The case

A municipal auditorium has been built in Nus, Valle d’Aosta, whose opening was blocked by the pandemic in 2020. Finally, last year, the process of completing the paperwork to open the building was reactivated. However, Eng. Maroncini, the fire expert in charge of the technical assessment, found inconsistencies in some elements of the building that did not comply with fire safety standards.

In particular, there were three structural elements with different functions and made of different materials:

  • wooden panelling placed both at the entrances and along the escape routes
  • a concrete balcony at the base of the galleries
  • steel plates above the stage.
  • Amonn’s proposed solutions

    Protective coatings immediately proved to be the ideal choice, as they were an easy to implement and appropriate solution to all these problems, but with the significant advantage of having a single supplier for all three.

    For the panelling, where the B-s1,d0 requirement was not met, the solution was to use Amotherm Wood 450 SB reactive paint, a transparent paint that protects without compromising the aesthetics of the woodwork.

    For the concrete balcony, the solution of Amotherm Brick WB, a water-based white intumescent paint qualified for concrete substrates, allowed the structure to be upgraded to a fire resistance rating of R60.

    Finally, the steel plates supporting the glulam beams 16 metres above the stage were refurbished with Amotherm Steel WB, also a water-based intumescent paint, but specifically for steel, to restore the R60 rating required by the designer.


    The tests carried out on the AMONN paint applied 6 years ago were passed, so that it could be re-certified without any additional applications.


    One solution for different building materials

    Preserve existing aesthetics

    Minimal site footprint

    Easy to use and install

    The following parties were involved in the implementation of the project:
    • Client: Municipality of Nus (AO)
    • Fire preventiontechnician : ing. Valentina Marconcini
    • Applicator: PPF Italy Ltd
    • Technical pre-dimensioning reports: Amonn Engineering and Services

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